Amuse meets BBQ

A place to delight your cravings for extraordinary flavors of the world of the great masters of barbecue, with a Caribbean touch.
We are specialized in catering from small groups to big parties.

French inspired in style yet often locally sourced in creation and Caribbean and internationally infused with a vast array of delightful surprises fueled by the vivid imagination and exceptional palate of our highly skilled Chef Patrick. Let us amuse your taste buds in a myriad of ways.

Savory and sweet, rich or light, decadent or healthy, or both! Each dish is lovingly prepared with the finest, freshest ingredients and artfully presented for visual temptation. And when it comes to the ideal balance of tastes and textures designed for ultimate palate-pleasing, you’ll find that the sky is the limit when dining at our oasis.

Opt for our daily specials, the chef’s surprise menus or venture into the popular favorites of our regular menu then pair your feast with the finest wines chosen by professionals. Also enjoy our creative signature cocktails to toast a special occasion or make any occasion a special one. And enjoy it all while watching the glorious tropical sun sink into a perfect aqua sea. It’s fine dining and romantic indulging at its best, and it’s all waiting for you at Amuse Sunset Restaurant Aruba.

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