Mopa Mopa

Brought by Susana & Ricardo to Aruba in 1989, Mopa Mopa is the original Barniz de Pasto store on Aruba. Our main goal, through the years, has always been to offer an experience to our visitors. Perplexity, bewilderment, wonderment, realization, and appreciation are the roller coaster ride of emotions, which you will hopefully go through when visiting us on your trip to Aruba.

Barniz de Pasto has withstood the test of time by instilling, and safeguarding family traditions/bonds even more so now tgat it has been proclaimed a National Heritage (2018) Made by hand, carved out of wood and decorated with the product of boiled buds/leaves, from the Mopa Mopa tree, combined with mineral powders. Every detail shows the meticulous work done by each artist, from one of the 18 families, who are still practicing this ancestral art form.
In a conventional society these are unconventional works of art, remarkable human ingenuity paired with natures' legacy.

Come and visit us to, if only for a brief moment, escape from a mass-produced environment.

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday 9am - 7pm

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